MOOCS 大型开放在线课程如何赚钱?

OnlineSchools.org最近发布了一个关于MOOCS 大型开放在线课程的信息图,基本意思是现阶段MOOCS还都是些大公司在烧钱,如MIT、Harvard背书的edX。虽然现在大家还都在摸索MOOCS究竟怎样才能赚钱,但是显然这些公司不能一直烧钱而不赚钱。OnlineSchools给出的MOOCS赚钱模式有:课程免费申请证书要收费,由学校赞助的线上课程,在免费课程之外提供收费的辅助资料和服务。

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Here, at Appysmarts we are trying to help parents choose the best apps for their kids.

We focus on the baby, toddler, preschooler/young child age range (from 9 months to around 7 years).

We combine knowledge (children psychologists and preschool teachers), experience (we are mums and dads), computer science (algorithmic analysis of data) and crowdsourcing (user recommendations and user App Lists) to create the best recommendations possible.

There are tens of thousands of apps out there and from our own experience we know how hard it is to pick the best: most educational, tremendously engaging, greatly designed and easy to use apps.

We are parents ourselves and our kids have been ‘using’ various iPhone-like devices since they were as young as 8 months old.

We tried to use friends’ recommendations, recommendation sites, app catalogs, blogs, recommendations published in app stores… It was difficult. As our kids grew, we had to repeat this search every few months, to catch up with the latest and greatest applications for the next age level.

We thought: what if someone could answer this question: my son/daughter is 3 years old, what 5, 10 or 20 apps should I buy to make the best use of my iPhone, iPad or Android device for education and play?

We created Appysmarts to answer this question.


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Best Kids Apps

Best Kids Apps, a review blog for parents who want to find the best children’s iPhone, iPad, and Android apps without slogging through the entire internet. A lot of app reviews are written by gamers. Ours are written by moms.

Meet the Moms

Jen Leo writes the nationally syndicated Web Buzz column for Los Angeles Times Travel. She is also the mom of a preschooler, and the editor of the award-winning Sand in My Bra travel humor book series.

Jen shares about travel and tech on Twitter and Google+.

Jamie Pearson is a freelance writer, a mother of two, and the publisher of the popular family travel website Travel Savvy Mom. At one time or another she has sold securities on Wall Street, scooped ice cream, and ghostwritten online dating profiles for people on Maybe even yours.

Jamie invites you to connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

Whether your children are still in pull-ups or producing their own short films on YouTube, we hope you’ll find something here that they’ll enjoy.

Bio photos courtesy of Squiggles, one of our all-time favorite apps.


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Fun Educational Games and Apps

Fun Educational Games and AppsBest Apps for Kids on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to Open the Door to Fun Learning

The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch have brought a new dimension to learning. Fun Educational Games and Apps on iDevices can be great tools for our kids’ development and learning experience. They offer kids a new way to play, learn and read; at home, on the go or anywhere else. Kids can now have fun and learn at the same time.


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appoLearningThere are thousands of educational apps created for the iPad, yet only a precious few are worth downloading. appoLearning lets parents know which educational apps they should encourage their kids to use, while also detailing the skills that are taught within each recommended application.

All of the apps endorsed by appoLearning were curated and evaluated by a panel of teachers, parents, and app gurus. Every app that we showcase is given a Report Card based on our proprietary appoLearning Rubric. Ratings are based on a number of factors, including Educational Content, Kid Appeal, Assessment, Features and Design, Value, and Safety and Privacy.

In short, we not only tell you if an educational app is worth downloading, but also why.


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the iPhone mom

the iPhone momreview iPhone apps for moms or anyone else looking to tap into the practical, personal or parenting potential of their iDevice. Oooh! That sounded good! There are over 2,000 app reviews on this site and we’ve seen the market explode over the past few years as developers have realized the potential in apps for parents and their children.

Our goal is to provide practical reviews for moms by real life, actual moms. We review apps that we use ourselves, but also receive app review requests from developers. We try to review all they send us unless it’s obviously not a fit for our readers. Doing this, we’ve discovered apps we absolutely love but wouldn’t have found otherwise. We’ve also discovered apps we cannot ever see ourselves, or another mom, using. We’ll give you an honest opinion about an app, whether it’s a review request or one we’ve found on our own. We are going to always try and find something positive to say though, I guess that’s just the mom in us!


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Smart Apps for kids is the premier source for kids’ apps on the web!

In April 2013, we received 432k visits, 190k unique visitors and 1.011 million pageviews and the numbers are growing by leaps and bounds each month. We now have more than 72k followers via Facebook,Twitter, email subscription, Pinterest and RSS. (All data as of 5/1/13)

We are also the No. 1-ranked kids’ apps site according to Alexa, both in the U.S. and internationally, and in terms of Facebook followers, active Facebook followers and Twitter, Pinterest and RSS followers.


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